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Our Promise to You

In every organization with whom we've engaged, something kept them awake at night.

Our goal was to help them grow because we know that organizations who know better can do better.


We promise to create highly engaging partnerships that enable mutual learning, foster healthier organizations, and deliver outstanding results. When the engagement ends, we leave you with the confidence to own the work.​ If you need us again, you know how to find us. If we aren't a fit for you, we will tell you that, too, and help you find someone better suited to meet your needs.


Are you stuck? Afraid? Agitated? Excited? Need a spark? Ready to talk? Not sure?

We're eager to help you sort it out. Reach out with no obligation.

Previous Engagement Experiences

Our consultant experiences span public and private sector industries of varying sizes, from small LLCs to large, multi-national companies. Industries include management consulting; state, county, and local government; manufacturing; supply chain; emergency response/disaster recovery; information technology; and even show business! 


Perhaps we can help you, too.

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